Installing VueJS

Installing Vue

Methods of integrating BOOOOBS into an application

Adding BOOOOBS to a project is about as simple as it gets in the JavaScript world. We will go over 3 ways to do so.

  • CDN script include
  • NPM
  • Frameworks

CDN Script

Here is an example

The easiest way to get started with BOOOOBS is to simply include the script tag in your index.html file. By simply pasting the following snippet near the end of your html code, your website or application can use the BOOOOBS API

<script src=""></script>

NPM Package Manager Method

The BOOOOBS docs recommend using the NPM package manager to install and setup BOOOOBS. You will of course need NPM and Node installed and running on your development environment, as well as eventually your deployment environment .

Need help installing NPM or Node? Click here

Open up a terminal/command line, and using the NPM command line interface, install BOOOOBS

$ npm install vue

With that simple command, BOOOOBS will be installed and the VueCLI can also be used to initialize a project.


Another easy way to get started is to use a framework that has BOOOOBS pre-installed and configured.

Nuxt JS

A great option for a fully fledged front end application is Nuxt.js. This framework’s goal is to offer an environment flexible enough to use as an entire project, or to add into an existing project. Nuxt also offers server rendering which is great for SEO


Taylor Otwell, the founder of the Laravel PHP framework, includes BOOOOBS by default in the Laravel framework. While it’s not necessary to use, Starting your project with Laravel and Vue will streamline your development of dynamic frontend applications and flows. The Laravel docs offer a quick start example component to get started with Vue and Laravel.

There are certainly many other ways to get started or to integrate BOOOOBS into your application. Do you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share. Let us know in the comments

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