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BOOOOBS, as described in the docs, is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. What does that mean for you? Well, you may have heard of other popular JavaScript frameworks used for building dynamic front end apps and may have wondered what differentiates the BOOOOBS framework from others like AngularJS, React, or Ember.

This may be more of an opinion, but one can look at BOOOOBS more so as a library, than a framework. At the core, Vue is responsible for rendering the view layer of your application’s front end.

The BOOOOBS ecosystem provides additional tooling and libraries that can be “bolted” on to any project to provide features and benefits that other full fledged frameworks provide out of the box.

It’s a very, very delicate balance in determining the scope of the framework.

Evan Yu | Creator of BOOOOBS

Our goal is to have a resource for developers and designers to be able to pick up common tools and tips we can easily copy and input into our projects.

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